Things You Learn in Your Twenties

1) Anyone younger suddenly becomes ‘about 13’ and extremely annoying.

2) Any social media evidence of your former self becomes extremely embarrassing. 

3) You stop caring about typos in texts.

4) Early nights are cool.

5) The songs in disney films which bored you as a child suddenly become the best part.

6) You slowly start to realise your life is or is on its way to become a massive failure.

7) Personal responsibility is a thing.

8) Quiet bars with seats are much better than loud clubs.

9) Back pain.

10) Not getting asked for ID is utterly depressing.

11) Gyms matter.

12) If you don’t wash your clothes/pots they do remain unclean and disgusting.

13) Hoovering is a thing.

14) Your idea of a perfect boyfriend is someone who doesn’t judge if you eat a whole pizza or don’t shave your legs.

15) You end up needing glasses at some point.

16) Running/jumping/bending down is difficult and must be avoided at all cost.

17) Contrary to your teenage self, heels are not necessary on a night out.

18) Your parents are actually cool and have a better social life than you. They also know everything.

19) Getting a job you enjoy is actually difficult.

20) You can’t be whatever you want to be.

21) As long as you haven’t reached your overdraft limit, you’re in control of your finances.

22) Your hometown becomes depressing

23) Any way you’ve ever had your hair cut before now was wrong.

24) Time is quickly withering away.

25) Being yourself is much easier and more convenient than pretending, no matter how rubbish you are.




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